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Industry News Roundup April 2019

Friday 05/04 – A report from Energy Systems Catapult concludes that government statistics on UK productivity do not take into account the economic benefits of decarbonisation. It argues that the government should reflect carbon emissions in productivity measurement while pursuing policies that recognise the link between carbon policy and changing economic activity, innovation and future productivity growth. Andrew Stephenson MP is appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; he replaces Richard Harrington, who had resigned on Monday.

Thursday 04/04 – A report from think tank the Aldersgate Group concludes that technological innovation must be accelerated if net zero emissions are to be achieved by mid-21st century. Drax CEO Andy Koss announces that the company could stop using coal ahead of the government’s 2025 deadline.

Wednesday 03/04 – Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry announces four new smart energy demonstrator projects to contribute to developing local energy approaches at scale. Statistics published by the International Renewable Energy Agency suggest that renewables now account for one-third of the world’s electricity capacity.

Tuesday 02/04 – During a Commons Science and Technology Committee evidence session on low carbon technologies, witnesses urge the government to include onshore wind and solar in Contracts for Difference auctions – this is a scheme which incentivises the development of low carbon generation. The committee also heard that energy storage can contribute more to carbon reduction targets.

Monday 01/04 – National Grid ESO becomes an independent entity and claims GB electricity system operation can be zero carbon by 2025. Liverpool City Region announces it is to trial up to 25 hydrogen buses in a new £6.4mn project as part of plans to achieve a zero-carbon economy by 2040. EU Emissions Trading Scheme data shows a decrease in overall emissions from heavy industry between 2017 and 2018 from 136.6mn tonnes to 128.7mn tonnes.

Written By Graham Paul


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