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Industry News Roundup April 2022

Friday 29/04 – The government announced that high energy usage businesses, such as steel and paper manufacturers, are set to receive further support for electricity costs as part of the Energy Intensive Industries (EII) compensation scheme

Thursday 28/04 – Ofgem announces that it had redistributed an additional £384,273 of Renewables Obligations payments to suppliers for the 2020-21 scheme year.

Wednesday 27/04 – Gazprom announces that it is halting gas supplies to Bulgaria’s Bulgargaz and Poland’s PGNiG. Ofgem publishes an open letter giving an update on its ongoing reforms to the Default Tariff Cap and the implementation of the Market Stabilisation Charge (MSC).

Tuesday 26/04 – Ofgem launches a review into how the energy system is planned and operated at a local level.

Monday 25/04 – Ofgem approves the original proposal for CMP308 Removal of BSUoS Charges from Generation for implementation on 1 April 2023. The modification will ensure that Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) charges are solely collected from final demand.

Friday 22/04 – Ofgem issues draft guidance for suppliers on how the ECO3 Interim Delivery portion of the ECO4 scheme will be administered.

Thursday 21/04 – The government announces that COP26 President Alok Sharma will urge leaders at this week’s World Bank and International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings to get finance flowing for greater climate action to keep 1.5ºC in sight.

Wednesday 20/04 – BEIS and Ofgem set out their decision not to proceed with proposed options to address supplier default under the Renewables Obligation (RO).

Tuesday 19/04 – Ofgem publishes a consultation on its proposed modifications to both the Electricity System Operator (ESO) and Electricity Transmission (ET2) Price Control Financial Instruments (PCFIs).

Thursday 14/04 – Ofgem publishes a consultation on containing proposals to amend the methodology used to calculate the Contacts for Difference (CfD) allowance in the Default Tariff Cap from cap period nine onwards.

Wednesday 13/04 – Ofgem publishes its Green Gas Levy (GGL) enforcement guidelines and statement in respect of penalties.

Tuesday 12/04 – The government issues two further consultations seeking views on the government’s proposed business model for industrial facilities with carbon capture (ICC) and the associated draft Dispatchable Power Agreement contract.

Monday 11/04 – The government publishes a statement on the procedures and criteria for designating a nuclear company under the nuclear regulatory asset base (RAB) model.

Friday 08/04 – The government launches a £375mn package of support for innovative technologies that will power British homes and businesses.

Thursday 07/04 – The UK Government publishes its Energy Security Strategy setting out how it will accelerate the deployment of low carbon sources of generation in GB.

Wednesday 06/04 – The UK Government announces it will launch a Future System Operator to take on all existing Electricity System Operator roles and the longer-term elements of the Gas System Operator.

Tuesday 05/04 – The Environment Audit Committee states the need for a UK carbon border approach.

Monday 04/04 – The UK Government issues responses to its consultations on the Warm Homes Discount and Energy Company Obligation schemes.

Friday 01/04 – The UK Government issues consultation responses to its Warm Home Discount (WHD) scheme and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme consultations.

Written By Graham Paul


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