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Industry News Roundup April 2023

Friday 28/04 – The BEIS Committee publishes its Eleventh Report - Decarbonisation of the power sector, highlighting that “at the current pace of change, the UK is set to fail to hit its target of decarbonising the power sector by 2035”.

Thursday 27/04 – The National Infrastructure Commission and Climate Change Committee announce that they have written a joint letter to government, urging ministers to take steps to improve the resilience of key infrastructure services to the effects of climate change.

Wednesday 26/04 – DESNZ announces that it has opened applications from energy and trade intensive sectors to claim further discounts on their bills between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024.

Tuesday 25/04 – DESNZ announces that £780mn in energy bill support has been delivered to customers on traditional prepayment meters, with £160mn remaining to be claimed.

Monday 24/04 – The Energy Bill has its third reading in the House of Lords on Monday 24 April, following which it was passed to the House of Commons for its first reading. DESNZ publishes a consultation seeking views on its initial regulatory proposals for offshore hydrogen pipelines and storage.

Friday 20/04 – The government publishes its annual State of the Estate Report, showing that overall emissions from the government have fallen by 35% compared to 2017-18 levels, with emissions from buildings down by 10%.

Thursday 19/04 – DESNZ publishes provisional statistics on the installation of domestic energy efficiency measures via the Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery and Home Upgrade Grant schemes in England.

Wednesday 18/04 – The Scottish Government pledges several firm actions across different sectors to be achieved by 2026 as part of its Portfolio Prospectus. 

Tuesday 18/04 – The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) announces that it has published a new report, Delivering net zero, climate resilience and growth, Improving nationally significant infrastructure planning.

Monday 17/04 – DESNZ announces that it is seeking evidence and views about reviewing applications for the Contracts for Difference (CfD) scheme.

Friday 14/04 – Ofgem announces that the two Norwegian projects submitted to the Multi-purpose Interconnector (MPI) pilot scheme are not eligible for consideration, in an update on its decision for project selections under the scheme.

Thursday 13/04 – OVO raises UNC843 Establishing the Independent Shrinkage Charge and the Independent Shrinkage Expert.

Wednesday 12/04 – Ofgem publishes the Renewables Obligation buy-out price and mutualisation updates for 2023-24.

Tuesday 11/04 – The Scottish Government announces that Scotland’s first array of floating solar panels will be installed this year.

Thursday 06/04 – The International Energy Agency publishes a new manual aiming to help governments improve data tracking for electricity access.

Wednesday 05/04 – DESNZ publishes an independent report by the UK’s Offshore Wind Champion, Tim Pick.

Tuesday 04/04 – National Grid announces Ofgem has granted nearly £1mn from its Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) programme for eight innovation projects.

Monday 03/04 – Ofgem publishes its approval of Smart DCC’s updated Charging Statement for Service Charges for the next regulatory year (2023-24).

Written By Graham Paul


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