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ERS Cloud Hosted Service

A New Era for Retail Electricity Suppliers

Cloud computing changes the game.

In retail electricity supply costs are under intensifying pressure due to mandated smart metering, new entrants with deep retail capabilities, structural cost advantages and the regulatory environment. End customers are demanding new products and services, fuelling service convergence and the entry of new market competitors. In addition regulators are looking increasingly to drive greater energy efficiency and competition.

The current gradual, yet steady progress of cloud adoption will accelerate dramatically over the coming years as utilities become energised and invigorated by the benefits cloud can deliver. As the momentum of cloud adoption grows, those players that move earliest to assess and seize the cloud opportunity will likely seize the initiative from their competitors, by adjusting faster and more fully to the imperatives of the new environment.

Cloud computing is a proven model for providing and sourcing IT hardware and software services on a pay-per-use basis using Internet technologies. Cloud services are highly configurable, adaptable and scalable, and require less up-front investment and ongoing operating expenditure than traditional IT models.

By shifting the emphasis from fixed to variable costs through pay-per-use pricing, cloud helps utilities align their costs more closely with business need and revenues, as well as supporting continuous cost improvement over time through greater automation and flexibility. Cloud’s effectively infinite processing power and high scalability can also help utilities reduce costs.

The inherent characteristics of cloud computing provides utilities with an effective platform to support future high performance, growth and industry change. These factors are why we believe cloud will fundamentally change the game for utilities in the next few years.

The utilities industry will continue to change, and cloud computing will help shape the new rules. Utilities that have not yet taken their first steps toward their cloud-enabled future should make it a priority to examine the potential of cloud computing—and also take a close look at what their competitors are doing in this space.

Cloud Benefits Chart

Energy Retail Suite Cloud Hosted Service Delivery Model

The EDW Technology Limited (EDW) Cloud Host Service (CHS) enables the rapid deployment of the Energy Retail Suite (ERS) reducing the investment required in hardware and network infrastructure, and most importantly, enabling rapid retail electricity market entry.

Designed to significantly reduce barriers to the electricity market entry, CHS reduces up-front capital investment in key systems and provides access to IT and industry expertise required to rapidly grow a sustainable electricity business. CHS provides the perfect technical incubator for your new business, enabling you to focus on non-technical business start-up and development activities, supported from day one by an enterprise-class IT solution.

The EDW CHS provides 24/7 infrastructure support with a highly resilient platform.

Delivered in weeks not months, the service includes:

  •  A preconfigured ERS deployment
  •  Technical infrastructure (hardware and operating  systems)
  •  Availability SLA of 99.9%
  •  Technical infrastructure support 24/7
  •  ERS application support and maintenance
  •  Help desk Mon – Fri 08:00 to 18:00.

Partnered with leading cloud service provider
EDW has partnered with IBM Cloud, a leading cloud service provider, in order to provide the best service possible to our customers. All infrastructures are supported 24-hours a day, seven days per week, giving customer’s peace of mind.

The IBM Cloud also provides advanced monitoring tools that are easy to use enabling us to control and optimise the ERS application performance. With superfast Gigabit Internet connectivity and ‘unlimited’ space to support our customer’s growth on the basis of pay as you grow minimise initial up front technical infrastructure capital investment.

Our key CHS security capabilities include:

  • Data centre hardened against physical intrusion, and server room access is limited to authorised IBM employees only IT Operations and Development: ISO27001 certified
  • Platform Security: Tier one data centre. ISO27001 and ISO27017 compliant , as well as meeting the requirements of EU/US Safe Harbor, a Cloud Security Alliance - STAR Registrant and PCI Compliant
  • Data Security: Industry-Standard firewalls, intrusion detection, disk encryption AES 256-bit and encryption at rest to ensure that your data is secure and protected
  • Reliability and Availability: Fault tolerant and highly available service-based infrastructure.
  • Network Security – IBM Cloud’s innovative network architecture and commitment to using the most advanced hardware technologies dramatically minimise data centre and server exposure to outside threats. The network integrates three distinct and redundant architectures into a multi-tiered network topology.

Cloud Computing is a growing theme
Cloud Computing is a growing theme and will become a predominate method of delivering computing services going forward. Cloud Computing is a paradigm shift that sees the dawn of a new age of computing driven by distinct benefits. Given the undeniable value to be gained from a Cloud Computing solution, it is hardly surprising that many organisations are contemplating a shift “to the Clouds”.

ERS Hosted Service



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