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Faster Switching Programme Introduction

In 2017 Ofgem announced plans for faster, more reliable energy supply switching – a transformation initiative that aims to enable customers to switch between gas and electricity suppliers much more quickly than is currently possible.

It is vital that energy consumers can easily, and with confidence, switch their energy supplier. Switching strengthens competition in the energy market, which in turn benefits consumers.

The project objective is to deliver reliable, fast switching for consumers and it will replace the existing switching services with a new Centralised Switching Service (CSS).

To work with the CSS effectively, suppliers must find a way to enable the exchange of messages between the CSS systems and their existing energy billing, metering and market data flow platforms.  EDW Technology have developed a CSS adaptor solution to provide this new communication layer.

Following industry delays delays to this OFGEM project, due to COVID19, the new faster switching programme is due for implementation in 2022.

CSS Gateway Overview

The EDW Technology CSS Gateway is a purpose-built solution which provides real time connectivity between the Central Switching Service (CSS) and all Market Participants that are required to communicate with it.

The CSS Gateway key features:

  • Flexible
  • Secure
  • Insights.

CSS gateway diagram, detailing the central switching service use case

Flexible Integration

The CSS Gateway offers custom Connectivity and Message format definition enabling Market Participants to integrate their existing systems with minimal change.

Market Participant System Connectivity

Connectivity Options include:

  • REST
  • SOAP
  • File
  • DB
  • FTP

Where Market Participants use multiple systems, the CSS Gateway can provide connectivity for all systems offering different connectivity options for each system.

File Formats

The CSS Gateway Message Transformation module can translate any file format into the new file message required by the CSS.
This enables Market Participants to either adopt new file formats or to enrich file formats already in use with new data items required.

Multi System

Recognising that Market participants can have complex landscapes the CSS Gateway can integrate multiple:

  • Systems
  • Fuels
  • Role Types
  • MPIDs

The CSS Gateway Message Routing capability enables Market Participants to integrate these complex estates ensuring that messages are routed from the CSS to the appropriate system.


The CSS Gateway will securely transfer messages between Supplier Systems and the CSS taking care of:

  • Secure connectivity with the CSS
  • Message signing and verification
  • Security Key & Certificate Management


  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Accessible Analytics
  • Satellite Systems Notification

For further details regarding the EDW faster switch programme CSS Gateway.

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