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Enterprise Ready Retail Electricity CRM software

Enterprise ready retail CRM electricity software 

EDW with its ERS (Energy Retail Suite) software has the ability to help energy suppliers make money. The advantages of deploying the ERS software are abundant. EDW uses Oracle databases and JAVA development tools to ensure the highest levels of reliability and scalability.

Complete end-to-end electricity supply software solution

ERS is a suite of software for business-to-business electricity retailers providing end-to-end business support from electricity quote to bill that combines flexibility, efficiency and process automation to cut your cost to serve.

ERS enables you to streamline business processes and combine high efficiency with first-class customer service.  ERS is refreshingly different and empowers you to outperform your competition. ERS has been specifically designed for the UK retail electricity industry. The ERS software contains specific business logic meeting market interaction standards and best practices for electricity supply companies. This ensures a perfect fit between business processes and software. ERS provides you with integration along the entire process chain in order for you to gain a lasting competitive advantage.

With over 300 man-years of software engineering effort invested in the package, ERS has extensive market-specific functionality for the support of your retail electricity business.

How ERS fuels healthy growth

ERS gives you benefits no other software can match. EDW focuses on enhancing our customers' profitability using enterprise-scale software and proving an end-to-end solution.

ERS supports the B2B electricity supply business processes (NHH and HH markets) from electricity Quote to Bill. ERS underpins your relationships with customers by providing unique bespoke contract pricing and quoting, accurate bills (including group billing and ebilling), industry interaction and data management, meter read validation, key account management, generation of customer communications, contract management, credit and collections management, and a wealth of customer and management information.

ERS supports excellent customer service with a low cost-to-serve

ERS is designed to support excellent customer service with a low cost-to-serve, EDW solutions are built on foundations of usability, efficiency and functionality.

Industrial and commercial billing specialists

The industrial and commercial electricity supply market has unique business requirements that need to be serviced with a specialised set of IT system capabilities. Sophisticated business customers are willing to actively engage in the management of their energy accounts and solutions need to provide tools that support enhanced service interaction. EDW has gathered an extensive knowledge of the industrial and commercial market sector that enables the delivery of a powerful set of system capabilities essential to your requirements to service this complex and demanding market sector. The ERS solution for Industrial and commercial markets includes:

  • The ability to establish and maintain complex, multi-site customer hierarchies involving contracts with multiple billing aggregation points
  • Variable payment terms and billing periods
  • Management of the accumulation and processing of the consumption volumes generated by interval meter data and related metering scenarios
  • Capability to configure and then bill products that support complex customer and metering configurations

The EDW proven industrial and commercial functionality covers a broad spectrum of your customers’ requirements, from bespoke, exotic pricing, bill formats and group hierarchy, efficient key account management operations to industry-leading collections management and customer self-service options.

High performance - low cost

ERS offers reliability and performance capability at the highest level. For B2B retail electricity IT projects the dedication and understanding of EDW in the UK electricity supply business is unmatched.

By deploying ERS CRM software you will achieve measurable ROI:

  • Maximise profitability of customer relationships
  • Manage volume and price risk
  • Minimise back office costs and cost to serve
  • Accelerate cash flow.

By choosing ERS as your single integrated electricity CRM software solution you will deliver to your business a cohesive and efficient IT future. This focuses accountability and reduces the resources you would need to spend on static data management and alignment, system support and maintenance, data storage, integration and vendor relations where a multi-vendor solution is implemented.

Today, very few electricity suppliers have managed to become truly customer centric, and most still have highly fragmented customer-management applications to support specific departmental needs. ERS encompasses all interaction with your customers across different touch points and all business processes that are related to the customer from end to end – whether they are customer facing or take place in the back office.

Discover the capabilities of the Energy Retail Suite

ERS is built on a highly configurable CRM workflow platform and is delivered to you with a full set of end to end process templates which can be easily tailored to meet a supply company’s business processes. ERS’ flexible Interface Manager manages interaction with industry gateways and external systems through configurable data and process rules which make it readily integrated within an existing systems landscape.

Click on the electricity supply functions on the ERS Capability Diagram below for details on the functionality of ERS.


Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Capability Diagram
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - DTN Gateway
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Market Interface Bridge
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Flow Diagram
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Industry Interaction processes & data flows management
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Profiling & Forecasting
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Tender, Quote Management & Pricing
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Customer Set-up, Registrations & Objection Management
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Meter Read Management
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Billing
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Receivables & Collections
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Credit and Debt Management
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Sales Ledger, VAT & CCL
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Event Management
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Customer Management
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Change of Agent & Disputed Meter Reading
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Change of Tendancy
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Retention & Renewal
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Loss Management
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Internet Self Serve Portal (ebill & Consumption)
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Business Workflow
Energy Retail Suite (ERS) - Management Information

ERS Automates Mission Critical Business Processes for Your Retail Energy Business


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