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Customer Management

Customer care

ERS is a complete billing and customer care application for serving SME and Industrial and Commercial customers. It addresses both customer and financial data management while handling receivables functions like payment processing, budget payment plans and group multi-party billing, and credit and collections. It shows a 360-degree view of the customer providing a firm foundation for your service representatives to deliver exceptional service.

ERS provides you with the tools for more efficient resolution of customer queries and exceptions though online access to customer information, business transactions, contract and account details. Users can drill down from invoices to underlying transactions and related payment information. Service representatives have the information at their fingertips to respond to customer queries immediately without requiring expensive callbacks.

Reducing customer management costs

ERS supports key account management, process/functional-based operational structure or a combination of both, driven by configurable product business rules.

ERS enables your customer care representatives and key account managers to easily access all customer information including their contract, service requests, products, associated price plans, usage information, invoice details and images.

Winning and retaining customers cost-effectively is an everyday challenge especially for new electricity retailers looking for rapid growth to realise a return on their investment. ERS enables you to enhance service levels whilst reducing the overall cost of managing your customers. As a result, customer care representatives and key account manager staff are able to quickly action customer requests, address customer issues and offer appropriate and accurate information.

ERS’s specialist CRM solution provides a set of enhanced tools for customer care, contract management, customer communications, complaint and documentation management. This enables your business to become customer-driven, delivering superior customer value and consistently providing exceptional customer experience across all customer touchpoints.

Customer communication

ERS support email, white mail and facsimile communication, both inbound and outbound. ERS's integrated document management system enables you to deliver a paperless operating environment whilst ensuring that all customer communications are visible to your entire user community.

All system-generated documents (bills, usages statements, welcome letters, dunning letters etc.) are stored in PDF format within ERS and are immediately available throughout the system for user review. External electronic records such as Word, Excel and PDF files can be attached to your customer accounts.

Incoming white mail document scanning

ERS provides the ability for white mail to be scanned into the system. On scanning a document the user is able to specify the Contract ID and postcode that the document relates to. This information is used to automatically allocate the document to the contract without further user intervention.

Incoming email processing

ERS provides functionality that caters for the receipt of emails, automated allocation and display of the emails against the contracts that they relate to and the triggering of customer service requests based on the information contained in the emails received.

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