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Management information - simple to use, instant answers

Management information

The ERS Management Information (MI) tool is simple and easy to use. Delivering self-service management information your business users and mangers needs from a user interface within the core ERS application. ERS MI is online and up-to-date delivering fast answers to your most critical business questions.

ERS has the ability to produce reports using both real time data (e.g. current workload) or historic data (e.g. number of acquisitions over a period of 2 weeks). Reports can be run instantaneously (on demand) while others can be scheduled for batch runs and delivered via the ERS reporting repository intranet service.

Management Information

Different presentation formats are available including standard tables and graphical representations e.g. graphs and pie charts.  The generated reports are flexible to download and use for further analytics using standard tools such as Excel.

What ERS management information means to your business

ERS MI is simple to use and delivers instant answered. No waiting for outdated reports, no more guessing which facilitates faster and smarter decision making.

Empower your business users

ERS is deployed to your business with a directory of pre-configured management reports that can be run via the reporting interface helping you to understand the dynamic of your business, pinpoint issues, backlogs and act upon them. Because ERS is an integrated solution you can report across all disciplines including  pricing, registration, exceptions, billing, workload, industry data and retention from a single source.


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