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Loss Management

ERS caters for the validation and recording of termination notices against contracts. The system includes an interface that can be used to enter the details of a new cancellation notice or view any historic cancellation notices entered for the selected contract. If an appropriately authorised user chooses to enter a cancellation notice for a contract ERS prompts the user to define:

  • The cancellation date
  • The source of the cancellation notice (either Internal or Customer)
  • Whether the cancellation notice is related to the rejection of a price increase
  • Whether the cancellation notice is persistent

Having defined this information for the cancellation notice the user can use ERS to verify the information and suggest whether the cancellation notice should be considered valid.

Users can define a cancellation notice as persistent in which case it will not expire. Cancellation notices that are not recorded as persistent expire once the valid loss window after the contract end date that the cancellation notice was for has ended.

The user can override the validation performed by the system and force cancellation notices to be considered as valid or invalid.

The absence of a cancellation notice against a contract conditions the response of the system in cases where a loss notification is received.

As well as allowing the manual processing of losses for a portion of the portfolio ERS also supports automated loss processing. This is to say that, independently of receiving a loss notification, appropriately authorised users can proactively record how ERS should react to the receipt of loss notifications for specific dates from specific other suppliers.

ERS processes the loss of the supply to another supplier. If the supply is non-half-hourly and the reason for which the loss was accepted was not an Erroneous Transfer the system initiates a process to monitor for the receipt of a closing meter reading (D0086).

ERS automatically creates and sends the old supplier information to the new supplier (D0311).

ERS then creates and sends agent de-appointment (D0151) flows to the Data Aggregator, Data Collector and Meter Operator (If the supply has a measurement class that indicates that it is a metered supply).

On reaching the Effective to Date {REGI} of the successful loss ERS determines whether the supply that was lost is the last supply on the contract and if so starts the process of ending the contract.

End contract processing occurs when all supplies have been lost, disconnected or removed from a contract via COT. ERS is capable of managing multi supply contracts and as such any combination of the above may occur, however, it is the removal of the last supply that causes the contract to end. Any lost supply will automatically trigger the ERS final bill process.

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