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See Annualised Advance


See Assistance for Areas with High Electricity Distribution Costs Scheme

Access Point

The node on the Network Service Provider’s infrastructure excluding the Local Communications Link and Gateway by which the Network Service Provider provides the Data Transfer Network.

Active Energy

The electrical energy produced, flowing or supplied by an electric circuit during a time interval, being the integral with respect to time of instantaneous Active Power, measured in units of watt-hours or standard multiples thereof.

Active Power

Product of voltage and the in-phase component of altering current measured in units of watts and standard multiples thereof, that is:

1000 Watts = 1kW

1000 kW = 1 MW


Anaerobic Digestion


See Association of Meter Operators.


Automated Meter Reading - automatic collection of data from meters which is transferred to a central database for billing and/or analysis.

Annualised Advance

An AA is the annualised (12 months) consumption of a customer that does not have a half hourly metering system. AA is the ‘rate of consumption in the meter read period’ expressed in kWh. It is derived from profile information and the meter advance for a period spanning the day for which the AA is calculated. The AA is generated by the Data Collector and sent to NHHDAs. It is used by the Initial Settlement & Reconciliation Agent when determining the consumption of non-half hourly customers.


APX Group is a holding company owning and operating energy exchange markets in the Netherlands, UK and Belgium. APX-ENDEX, a subsidiary of APX Group, provides exchange trading, central clearing & settlement and data distribution services.


The difference in price of a given commodity either in the same location or in different geographical locations. Grade arbitrage is trading the difference in the price of a commodity in the same location – e.g. the difference in the prices of two sweet crudes in northwest Europe. Geographical arbitrage is trading the difference in the price of the same grade on difference locations. Often grade and geographical arbitrage are combined – e.g. in transatlantic arbitrage which is trading the price difference between, for example, Brent crude in Europe and West Texas Intermediate in the US this calculation will include the cost-of-carry as well as the cost of the alternative crude in the US.

Assistance for Areas with High Electricity Distribution Costs Scheme

The Assistance for Areas with High Electricity Distribution Costs Scheme was introduced in the Energy Act 2004. The intention of the Scheme is to reduce the costs to consumers of the distribution of electricity in certain areas. Currently the only Specified Area is the North of Scotland. National Grid therefore recovers an Assistance Amount through the Scheme, which is passed to the Relevant Distributor in the Specified Area, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution Ltd. This enables distribution charges to be reduced.

AAHEDC Tariffs - For more information on the National Grid website


Association of Meter Operators

Data Collectors, Meter Operators and Data Aggregators: The Association of Meter Operators (AMO) is the trade association representing it members.



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