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Energy Wholesale Market Review

Energy Wholesale Market Review Week Ending 24th April 2015

The annual October 15 power contract dropped 0.7% this week to £44.8/MWh and the annual October 15 gas contract fell 1.2% to 47.1p/th. Day-ahead gas prices declined 1.0% to 45.3p/th as temperatures remained above seasonal norms, holding down demand. The supply outlook is healthy and all other contracts along the forward curve decreased. The month-ahead contract slipped 1.4% to 44.3p/th, with more LNG deliveries to the UK scheduled next month. Day-ahead power was down 3.8% week-on-week to £42.5/MWh despite low wind generation, which reduced by 62% this week to 167GWh.  All other contracts along the forward curve decreased with lower gas prices. Brent crude oil ended the week on $65.5/bl, a five-month high. Prices rose on the back of an economic intervention by the Chinese Central Bank and continuing conflict in Yemen. EU ETS carbon gained 4.0% this week, averaging €7.1/t. Prices were boosted by last-minute compliance buying.

Electricity Retail - Energy Wholesale Market Review 24.04.15

Energy Wholesale Market Review Week Ending 24th April 2015.

Written By Graham Paul

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