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Energy Wholesale Market Review

Energy Wholesale Market Review Week Ending 12th May 2017

All gas and power contracts, as well as coal and carbon prices, experienced losses this week. Day-ahead power and gas contracts hit one-month lows, whilst coal and carbon hit six-week and five-month lows, respectively. All near-term baseload power contracts lowered this week, owing to reductions in their gas counterparts. Week-on-week, the day-ahead power contract lost 9.6% to £38.5/MWh, with higher wind generation forecast for Monday. The month-ahead contract (June) slipped 3.4% to £37.1/MWh. All seasonal baseload power contracts experienced losses. Winter 17 power went down 1.7% to £44.4/MWh. All near-term gas contracts experienced losses, with both lower national and regional gas demand. Day-ahead gas fell 7.0% week-on-week to 38.0p/th, amid expectations of higher Norwegian gas imports. The month-ahead (June) contract slipped 4.1% to 35.6p/th. Seasonal gas contracts all experienced declines this week. Winter 17 gas lost 2.1% to 44.3p/th. Summer 18 gas fell by 2.4% to 38.1p/th. On average for the week, Brent crude oil prices went down 1.8% to $49.8/bl, following OPEC predictions of a rise in crude production from non-member countries. However, prices picked up on Friday to finish the week on $50.7/bl. API 2 coal prices declined 3.2% to average $63.8/t across the week. Prices fell to a six-week low of $63.3/t on Friday.

Electricity Retail - Energy Wholesale Market Review 12.05.2017

Energy Wholesale Market Review Week Ending 12th May 2017

Written By Graham Paul

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