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Industry News Roundup October 2023

Friday 27/10 – DESNZ publishes the government response to its consultation on design elements of a low carbon hydrogen certification scheme.

Thursday 26/10 – The Energy Bill receives Royal Assent and is now the Energy Act 2023.

Wednesday 25/10 – The government announces that new regulation will help electric vehicle drivers access easier and more reliable public charging.

Tuesday 24/10 – DESNZ publishes a consultation on proposed modifications to industry codes and licences to ensure that the nuclear Regulated Asset Base (RAB) revenue stream can function as intended.

Monday 23/10 – The government announces that households can now get £7,500 to install a heat pump - a 50% increase in the support available for air source models.

Friday 20/10 – The Public Accounts Committee announces that it has published a report on the rollout of smart meters.

Thursday 19/10 – The Environmental Audit Committee announces that it has launched an inquiry into small modular reactors and their potential role in the UK’s transition from fossil fuels.

Wednesday 18/10 – The National Infrastructure Committee publishes its Second National Infrastructure Assessment, in which it analyses the UK’s long term economic infrastructure needs and presents a strategic vision for how the identified needs should be met over the next 30 years.

Tuesday 17/10 – The Scottish Government announces that it will invest up to £500mn over the next five years to deliver the full economic potential of offshore renewables projects.

Monday 16/10 – DESNZ publishes its Evaluation of the Capacity Market scheme final report, in which it outlines a process and impact evaluation of the Capacity Market scheme.

Friday 13/10 –The government announces that five Non-Executive Directors have been appointed to Ofgem’s board as part of efforts to strengthen work to protect consumers.

Thursday 12/10 – The Climate Change Committee (CCC) publishes an assessment of recent announcements and developments on net zero since it published its progress report to Parliament in June 2023.

Wednesday 11/10 – The government publishes the outcome of its June 2023 consultation on its proposed Network Charging Compensation (NCC) scheme, which forms part of its British Industry Supercharger package.

Tuesday 10/10 – The government announces that it has made £230mn available to public sector organisations to help make low carbon energy upgrades to their buildings.

Monday 09/10 – Department for Business and Trade announced that £89mn in funding has been awarded to 20 net zero tech projects.

Friday 06/10 –Ofgem publishes its decision to modify the electricity transmission licence held by National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET), following its consultation in April 2023.

Thursday 05/10 – The Competition and Markets Authority announces that the Subsidy Advice Unit (SAU) has accepted a request for a report from DESNZ on its proposed Net Zero Hydrogen Fund scheme (NZHF).

Wednesday 04/10 – Ofgem issues a consultation on its minded-to position on five projects proposed for funding by National Gas Transmission (NGT) under the RIIO-2 Net Zero Pre-Construction and Small Projects (NZASP) re-opener.

Tuesday 03/10 – Ofgem publishes an open letter providing an update on the review of additional wholesale costs (and benefits) under the Default Tariff Cap, covering October 2022 to September 2023.

Monday 02/10 – The government announces that it has selected six companies to advance to the next stage of the Small Modular Reactor competition. DESNZ announces that up to £80mn in additional funding will be made available through the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.

Written By Graham Paul


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